As an important HIFMB partner, the ICBM is extending its research excellence and helps to provide the scientific base for marine nature protection.

(Helmut Hillebrand, HIFMB founding director and ICBM professor)

Collage of photos: ICBM

The international workshop "Harmful Algal Blooms: unifying insights from lab experiments, field monitoring and modeling" will be held from November 28 to December 1 in Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Please finde more informationen at: www.icbm.de/hab2017/



Latest News

11.09.2017 – ICBM

Time Series Station's 15th anniversary celebrated

About 50 guests and staff members celebrated the 15th anniversary of the ICBM Time Series Station (TSS) in a commemorative event near the island of Spiekeroog and in Wilhelmshaven on Thursday 7th September. more

07.09.2017 – ICBM

Giant bacteria with multiple identities

A team of researchers from the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) in Berlin and the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) at University of Oldenburg has analysed the largest freshwater bacterium, Achromatium oxaliferum. The results are stunning.more

06.08.2017 – ICBM

"Spring Cleaning" On Bird Island

This year, the ICBM supported the litter-collecting event on the small island of Mellum, which is organized annually by the Mellum Council, the custodian of the bird island. Two research boats of the ICBM, OTZUM and ZEPHYR, in the early morning hours of August 5 carried more than 40 voluntary helpers near to the shore line of the island in the Jade bay orifice.more



Real time data Spiekeroog

Last probe 19.09.2017 16:53
Air temperature15.2° C
Air pressure1015 hPa
Water temperature15.3° C
Wind speed6.7m/s
Wind directionSW 244.8°