3. ICBM PhD day

The third biannual PhD-Day will take place at the ICBM in Wilhelmshaven on 21st March 2018.

All PhD students of the ICBM will gather to present their current work and ongoing research of their working groups. Aside from various talks, the program will also feature a poster session as well as round tables to discuss relevant topics.

The 3rd PhD day is organised by the ICBM PhD organising committee:

Elikalia Joeline Ezekiel   joeline.ezekiel(at)uol.deMarine Sensorsysteme; Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski
Daniel Thewesdaniel.thewes(at)uol.deKüstenforschung; Prof. Dr. Emil Stanev
Oliver Ferdinandoliver.ferdinand(at)uol.deMarine Sensorsysteme; Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski
Raquel Lopesraquel.lopes(at)jade-hs.deProf. Dr. Stefan Gaßmann, Jade Hochschule (EcoMol)
Yvonne Eder yvonne.eder@uol.deBiodiversität und Evolution der Tiere; Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gerlach
Muhammad Reza Faisalmuhammad.reza.faisal(at)uol.deUmweltbiochemie; Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp
Dr. Ferdinand Esserferdinand.esser(at)uol.deScientific Coordinator of Early Career Researchers (Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs) of the ICBM