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Projekt 4

... These data have been interpreted in the context of the respective individual study, but not yet in the framework of EcoMol . Aim of this PhD thesis is to analyze the available data on correlative patterns between microbial community and molecular DOM composition. The emerging patterns will ... The PhD student of WP 4 will be involved in all interactions, but actual analytical work would be beyond the scope of the proposed PhD


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Paths to a doctorate

... therefore no time constraints for the doctoral period. Still, the PhD period should be limited. A time frame of three years for preparing a PhD thesis is appropriate for students who dedicate themselves entirely to their research and do not have any other obligations. If a student is a member of the research staff and has other duties in research and teaching in addition to his or her own research work, the time period for the PhD


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Yvonne Eder

... embedded in an interdisciplinary context. Curriculum Vitae 2014-2017   M.Sc. Marine Environmental Science, ICBM, University of Oldenburg Master thesis: ‘Morphological and physiological performance of Hydractinia echinata in a changing environment’ 2010-2014 B.Sc. Bioscience, University of ...


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... study biodiversity patterns in communities in which key environmental parameters, such as habitat size, are changing in time.   Outline The PhD thesis will comprise mathematical modeling, data analysis, and experiments to analyze the biogeography, community assembly and biodiversity of dynamic ... on a growing or temporally changing habitat. A first model for an epiphyte community on a growing tree has already been developed in a BSc


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Projekt 1

... complexity of dissolved organic matter by chemical synthesis" Broader background of the proposed research project ... transformations (Wortmann et al. 2015). The synthesis of fatty acids from acetyl-CoA via malonyl-CoA (Bae ... et al. 2014, Li et al. 2014). We propose the hypothesis that synthetic mistakes in the five step elongation ... for the proposed PhD research project Aim of the PhD


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Georg Steinert

... of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) (2011 - now)  Diploma degree in Biology (2010) CvO University of Oldenburg Diploma thesis: Molecular study of the the blue mussel ( Mytilus edulis ) within the Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony CONFERENCES 2nd International Symposium ...


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Meinhard Simon

... at the University of Freiburg, Germany Subjects: Limnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry 1981 – 1985 Dissertation at the University of FreiburgThesis title: The significance of freely suspended and particle-associated bacteria for the turnover of organic matter in lake Constance 1986 – 1988 ... Jolla, USA, with Farooq Azam 1988 – 1992 Research Associate at the University of Konstanz, Germany 1992 Habilitation, University of Konstanz,


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Environmental Modelling (M.Sc.)

... Basics of Mathematical Modelling Measuring Techniques in Oceanography Contents (Examplespiele) basics of programming and computer science, hypothesis + sampling + analytical method + interpretation, uni/bi/multivariate data, regression, correlation, discriminant/cluster analysis, analysis ... (examples) Contents vary and relate to current research questions which are addressed at a high scientific level. Learning method Master


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... preferences for native and invasive Sargassum spp. Marine Biology , 163 (9), 181. July 2016 Nicole Schwartz successfully defended her PhD thesis  Why are aliens so successful? Explaining the invasion success of Sargassum muticum   June 2016 Peter Schupp , Mareen Möller , Samuel Nietzer ...



Wilkes, Heinz, Prof. Dr.

Wilkes, Heinz, Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Heinz Wilkes Personal Diploma: Univ. Hamburg (1989, Chemistry) PhD Thesis: Univ. Hamburg (1993, Chemistry) Habilitation: TU Berlin (2004, Organic Geochemistry) Research Scientist: FZ Jülich (1993-2001, Petroleum and ...


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