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Sara Billberbeck

... (University of Hamburg, 2009) Scientific interests Marine microbial ecology Bacterial community structure and distribution Isolation and ... S. , Giebel H.-A., Voget S., Simon M., Daniel R. (2014). Impact of a phytoplankton bloom on the diversity of the active bacterial community in the ... clade in the North Sea. 1 st EMBO conference on Aquatic Microbial


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Anneke Kristin Purz

Anneke Kristin Purz Anneke Kristin Purz PhD Student Research focus Harmful algal blooms Propagation and trophic dynamics of potentially harmful phytoplankton species Project Association Subproject on the ecology of harmful algae in the collaborative research project “Propagation of Extreme Events in Spatially Extended Excitable Systems”, Initiative ...


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Helmut Hillebrand

... EMPLOYMENT Jul 2008 - now: Professor of Pelagic Ecology, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine ... Apr 2004 – Jun 2008: Associate Professor of Aquatic Ecology, Institute of Botany, University of Cologne (D) Dec 2002 - Mar 2004:  Assistant Professor of Marine Ecology, Institute for Marine Science (IFM), University of ... of Kiel (D) BOARDS AND PANELS Senior Editor


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Sara Billerbeck

... Güllert S., Billerbeck S. , Giebel H.-A., Voget S., Simon M., Daniel R. (2014). Impact of a phytoplankton bloom on the diversity of the active bacterial community in the southern North Sea as ... clusters of the Roseobacter clade in the North Sea. 1 st EMBO conference on Aquatic Microbial Ecology (SAME13), Stresa, Italy. Poster presentation. Billerbeck S. , Giebel H.-A., Brinkhoff T., ...


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... DA, Schloen J, Feudel U, Kantz H, Moorthi S (2016): Phytoplankton dynamics in the Southern California Bight indicate a ... Helmut, Sommer, Ulrich (2015) The importance of phytoplankton trait variability in spring bloom formation ICES ... a competition model using synthesizing unit. Theor. Ecology 7, 407-421. Chakraborty S, Feudel U Harmful algal ...


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... U (2017): Molecular diversity patterns among various phytoplankton size fractions in West Greenland in late summer, Deep ... hydrography, geochemical signatures and microbial ecology, with a focus on HAB species diversity, biogeography ... on viability and growth in the Arctic. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 547: 33-46. DOI 10.3354/meps11660. ... HJ (2016) Citizens and satellites: Assessment of


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... AG Planktologie Theses completeed within the Plankton Ecology Lab Bachelor Beniermann A (2010) Functional and ... M (2012) Diversity effects on the stoichiometry of phytoplankton-zooplankton interactions Just PN (2013) Diurnal ... Seasonal and interannual turnover in Wadden Sea phytoplankton communities Müller A (2013) Meso- und ... of external thesis) Münch M (2011) Tidal changes in



Projekt 13

... and elemental availability on the stoichiometry of phytoplankton: beyond N and P" Broader background of the proposed research project The elemental composition of phytoplankton species constrains elemental fluxes within pe-lagic ... of C:N:P content, has been in the focus of marine ecology (Goldman et al. 1979, Klausmeier et al. 2004). ... the available empirical information on N:P ratios in


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... and Analytic(s) The Section of Geobiology and Ecology The Section of Physics and Modelling Coastal seas as ... sudden climatic changes. The Section Geobiology and Ecology The second section Abteilung Geobiology & Ecology deals with those organisms which are at the base of ... seawater chemistry or other organisms such as


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... stability and ecosystem functioning is one of the major topics in ecology. While it has received considerable attention on the level of ... project is focused on the short-term changes of trait diversity in phytoplankton communities in response to the ambient environment and its influence ... of flow cytometry allow to measure depth profiles of a multitude of


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