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Paths to a doctorate

... their degree within three to four years. Since 2009, a Research Training Group has been part of the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 51 Roseobacter ( ). Universities mainly offer structured PhD programmes within the Research Training Groups financed by the ...


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Meinhard Simon

... term in office as director Since 2010 Head of the Collaborative Research Center Transregio 51: Ecology, Physiology and Molecular Biology of the Roseobacter clade: Towards a System Biology Understanding of a Globally Important Clade of Marine Bacteria Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon Phone: ...


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... denen die Mitarbeiter arbeiten, sind hier aufgeführt. Roseobacter Die Bedeutung der Roseobacter -Gruppe in marinen Ökosystemen ist von besonderem ... 51: Ökologie, Physiologie und Molekularbiologie der Roseobacter-Gruppe: Aufbruch zu einem systembiologischen ... Signifikanz, Biogeographie und Physiologie der


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Sara Billberbeck

... Billerbeck Projects My work is part of the CRC TRR51 “Roseobacter”, project A1: Ecological significance, biogeography and physiology of the Roseobacter clade in pelagic systems In particular, my topics are: Biogeography of pelagic Roseobacter group subclusters Isolation and characterization of ... the ocean   PhD thesis: “The pelagic clusters of the


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Sara Billerbeck

... Arbeit ist Teil des Sonderforschungsbereiches TRR51 “Roseobacter”, Projekt A1: Ökologische Bedeutung, Biogeographie und Physiologie der Roseobacter Gruppe in pelagischen Systemen Meine speziellen Themengebiete sind Biogeographie pelagischer Cluster der Roseobacter Gruppe Isolierung und Characterisierung pelagischer ...   Doktorarbeit: “Die pelagischen Cluster der


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... and the sea floor and how these processes influence seawater chemistry or other organisms such as phytoplankton. An example is the widespread Roseobacter group, currently being investigated by a DFG-financed Collaborative Research Centre. Here, the ICBM cooperates with several German institutes. ...


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Helge-A. Giebel

... significance, biogeography and physiology of the Roseobacter clade in pelagic systems Genomic and physiologial ... (RCA23) Aerobic anoxigenic photosynthesis of roseobacters Metabolic traits (substrates, AAnP, CO oxidation) ... (2016) Biogeography and environmental genomics of the Roseobacter -affiliated pelagic CHAB-I-5 lineage. Nature ... R. and M. Simon (2015) Adaptation of an abundant


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... Phaeobacter inhibens DSM 17395, member of the marine Roseobacter clade. Appl Environ Microbiol, 80(15):4725-37 Drüppel ... inhibens DSM 17395 (archetype of the marine Roseobacter clade). Environ Microbiol, 16(1): 218-38 Laaß S, ... regulatory and metabolic adaptation processes of Dinoroseobacter shibae DFL12 T during oxygen depletion. JBC, ...


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About ICBM

... major joint programmes are the „Baseline Study Jadebusen“ (completed 2012) and the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center Transregio TRR51 „Roseobacter“ (since 2010). ICBM groups are involved in other major research projects, a.o. Bioacid II, Jena experiment, COSYNA, IMCOAST, IODP, and WIMO. ...


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Current Research

... Aromatic Compound and Hydrocarbon Degradation Carbon Metabolisms and Environmental Adaptation in Sulfate Reducers Physiological Proteomics of Roseobacter Past Research Projects 2000 - 2005 1997 - 1999


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