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Analytic Infrastructure / Marine Geochemistry

Analytic Infrastructure / Marine Geochemistry Analytic Infrastructure The Research Group for Marine Geochemistry owns an ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometer (Bruker Solarix 15 ... of the molecular formula of individual molecules in complex organic mixtures, which cannot be analysed by conventional methods. UPLC ... carbohydrate monomers. TOC/TN Analyzer: Determination of dissolved


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Final examination studies

Final examination studies For information on topics of final examination studies please contact members of the Organic Geochemistry Group.


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... Dittmar, T. 2017. Thermally altered marine dissolved organic matter in hydrothermal fluids. Organic geochemistry Pop Ristova ... A. 2017. Hypoxia causes preservation of labile organic matter and changes microbial community composition ... C., Boetius, A., Dittmar, T. (2016). Dissolved


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Environmental Modelling (M.Sc.)

... Oceanography Microbial Ecology Introduction to Organic Geochemistry Introduction to Inorganic Geochemistry Introduction to Marine Chemistry Geochemistry Tutorial Environmental Statistics Physical ... species composition, sedimentation and fate of organic/anorganic material, population ecology, ecosystems, water ...


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Wilkes, Heinz, Prof. Dr.

... (1993, Chemistry) Habilitation: TU Berlin (2004, Organic Geochemistry) Research Scientist: FZ Jülich (1993-2001, Petroleum and Organic Geochemistry) Senior Scientist: GFZ Potsdam (2001-2015, Organic Geochemistry) Adjunct Pofessor: TU Berlin (2014-2015, Biogeochemistry) Professor for Organic Geochemistry at ICBM since April 2015 Dipl.-Chem., group leader, ...


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Simone Heyen

... RESARCH TRAINING GROUP "ECOMOL" WORKING GROUP ORGANIC GEOCHEMISTRY INSTITUTE FOR CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY OF THE MARINE ... bacteria (SRB) in the mineralization of organic matter in marine sediments is not only their capacity ... contribute to the compositional shaping of organic matter in marine sediments. We use targeted and ... of Desulfobacteraceae exerts a key control on


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Research Interests

... (tracer-based), effects on water column biogeochemistry. Trace metal-DOM interactions in porewater and ... is often intrinsically linked with the cycling of organic matter. For example, by colloidal association or complex formation, dissolved organic matter (DOM) is capable of stabilizing otherwise ... high complexity of DOM, which provides thousands of


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Beaches BEACHES Literature Biogeochemistry Aerobic respiration in a high-energy sandy beach Biogeochemistry, Coastal zone, High-energy intertidal zone, Seawater ... beach EST 2010 Bouillon etal Biogeosci 2007 Flow and geochemistry of groundwater beneath a back-barrier lagoon: The ... Iron-rich dune grasslands: Relations between soil


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Black Shales

... sample collection. Materials from outcrops often are influenced by weathering effects, i.e. organic matter and suphides are easily oxidised and may alter element abundances. Major element ... black shales in deep-water settings and the combination of low sedimentation rates and high organic carbon (TOC) and trace metal contents favour deposition of these strata under severe oxygen ... H-J (2009) Paleo-redox conditions during OAE 2 reflected in Demerara Rise sediment


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Curriculum Vitae

... Appointments since 2013     Senior Scientist                     Research Group for Marine Geochemistry (ICBM-MPI Bridging Group)                     ICBM, University of Oldenburg 2009-2013     Research Scientist                     Max Planck Research Group for Marine Geochemistry                     Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen 2006-2009     ...             University of Bremen                     Thesis: " Composition and degradation of


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