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... 2014 2015 2016 2017 Plastikmüll belastet die Meere (WZonline, 14.07.2017) Aktion gegen Müll im Meer (WZ, 14.07.2017) Auf der Spur kleiner, grüner Teilchen (NWZ ONLINE, 12.07.2017) Ocean sensor prototype survives 14-month deployment in Labrador Sea (CBC News, 11.07.2017) Aktionstag: "Kein Müll im Meer!", (Jeversches Wochenblatt, 10.07.2017) Wo sich Mikroalgen s


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ICBM Summer School 2017

ICBM Summer School 2017 , ICBM Summer School 2017 ICBM Summer School 2017 Introduction to Data Analysis and Ecosystem Modeling July 30 to ... for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM, University of Oldenburg) will organize a summer school entitled “Introduction to Data Analysis and Ecosystem Modeling” . The summer school will be held at


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Symposium Oktober 2011

... and data infrastructure approaches The coastal zone of the North Sea is highly dynamic. The present-day ... as dike building, fairway deepening, and harbour constructions. To better understand natural and anthropogenic induced dynamics and their possible consequences for the ecosystem, interdisciplinary ... joint-venture “Jade Bay Project” has been focusing


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