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... we took part in an interdisciplinary project at the Aeolotron in Heidelberg. The Aeolotron is an annular wind-wave system which allows simulation of wave movements by controlling wind speeds. The water for flooding the channel (20000 liters indeed) originated from the North Atlantic and ...


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... and for Black Sea (preliminary model) Prepare sea level heights for Mediterranean Sea (MFSTEP) and for Black Sea (preliminary model) Perform simulation with high resultion Black Sea Ocean model Evaluate steric heights from temperature and salinity data and from ocean model output Validate ...


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Forschergruppe Watt (abgeschlossen)

... Partikel (z.B. Holzstücke, Tischtennisbälle , ...) im Wattenmeer unter dem Einluß der Gezeiten verteilen könnten (basierend auf numerischen Simulationen). Die Partikel werden an 4 Positionen gestartet und dann eine Woche lang verfolgt.


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... im Oldenburger Hafen Kategorie:  ICBM-Termine ICBM-Kolloquium Dr. Nikolaus Groll, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht: "coastDat - wind wave simulations for North- and Baltic Sea". 25.05.2016, W15 1-146, 17:00 Uhr. Weitere Meldungen 20.04.2016 , Meldung : Neue ERASMUS+ Kooperation mit der ...


Environmental Modelling (M.Sc.)

... implement them on the computer on their own. Besides simulation methods, they are capable of using sophisticated ... methods of analysing statistics and numeric simulation of stochastic environmental systems. Hereby they ... can comprehend contemporary methods of analysis and simulation methods of modern environmental research, and can ... Software Engineering Ecological System Modelling and


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Schwerpunkt Einleitungen

Schwerpunkt Einleitungen Simulation der Verbreitung von nährstoffreichen Abwässern aus der Landwirtschaft im Jadebusen nach 5 Tagen bei Hochwasser (links) und Niedrigwasser ... im Jadebusen während der Hochwasserphase. Einleitung von Kühlwasser aus Kohlekraftwerken in die Innenjade Im Zuge dieser Arbeit ging es um die


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... Guseva K, Lanotte A, Marchioli C, Picano F, Sardina G, Soldati A, Toschi F(2015): Numerical simulations of aggregate breakup in bounded  and unbounded turbulent flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics ... based Models for the Evaluation of Brain Functions, Disorders, and Drug Effects, in: Biosimulation in Biomedical Research, Health Care and Drug Development (E. Mosekilde, O. Sosnovtseva, A. ...


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... in the German Bight: HFR observations versus model simulations. Ocean Dynamics, Springer, 61, 10, 1567-1585. 2010 ... the East Frisian Wadden Sea: comparison of numerical simulations with MERIS observitions, EARSeL eProceedings ... pycnocline. Parameterization of convection, numerical simulations and validations againstobserved chlorofluorocarbon ...


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... N., Liebezeit, G., Brumsack, H.-J. (2010) Nutrient dynamics in a back barrier tidal basin of the Southern North Sea: Time-series, model simulations, and budget estimates. Journal of Sea Research 64, 199-212. Riedel, T., Lettmann, K., Beck, M. , Brumsack, H.-J. (2010) Tidal variations in ...


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... modern computing systems. The scientists turn the pages of the past to be able to read the future with the help of highly developed computer simulations. The more complete the data material is that describes past and current developments, the more accurately the data can be reproduced with the ...


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