01.08.2017 – ICBM

From Indigo Blue to Coke Brown

With the EyeOnWater app, citizens can assign the marine color and thus contribute valuable observations to the marine environment. Photo: Oliver Zielinski

The color of the coastal ocean is not only beautiful. For marine researchers it is also an important indicator of whether the sea is becoming darker. To answer this question in depth, researchers are collecting data worldwide using a mobile app developed at the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM): The EyeonWater App. The project manager and marine physicist Oliver Zielinski from the ICBM explains how citizens can apply this app and how important their contribution is to the research project "Coastal Ocean Darkening". The detailed interview - in German language only - can be found here: www.uni-oldenburg.de/news/art/von-indigoblau-bis-colabraun-3045/