30.11.2017 – ICBM
By: Simone Wiegand

Oliver Wurl receives special award for teaching

Photo: University of Oldenburg

With the "Special Award for Course Evaluation", Dr. Oliver Wurl (2. from the left) from the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) has been honored yesterday. Wurl, who has headed the working group "Sea Surfaces" since 2014, was awarded with 1000 euros for his course "Introduction to Marine Chemistry”. Wurl had held the course for the second time during the last winter semester - on a voluntary basis so to speak, since he does not have a teaching engagement at the ICBM. His commitment was remarkable: The evaluation of his lectures by the Bachelor and Master students of the (Marine) Environmental Sciences was one of the best at the University of Oldenburg. In the upcoming summer semester the students can look forward to further lectures by Oliver Wurl, who studied environmental engineering in Hamburg and obtained his doctorate in Singapore. Then it is back on the timetable: “Introduction to Marine Chemistry”.

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