29.05.2018 – ICBM
By: Dr. Sibet Riexinger

Ecology on land and in (cold) water

Sea slug which likes to snack on cnidarians [Photo: private]

Oldenburg. Recently, participants of the ICBM excursion to the mediterranean island of Giglio depicted their first impressions in a webblog. The students were accompanied by pleasant anticipation when starting their first snorkel tour, which was the first snorkeling experience to some of them at all. The initially even in wetsuits unexpected cold water did not derogate from scientific impetus.

This was easily to be traced by the vast number of observed organisms, ranging from various algal species over echinoderms, to tunicates, cnidarians and molluscs. The students were particularly sold on a pink-purplish nudibranch marine slug which was not to be put off devouring a tree-shaped cnidarian.

Under the supervision of ICBM scientists Dr. Holger Freund, Dr. Stefanie Moorthi an Dr. Sven Rohde, students from ICBM and the University of Salzburg are going to stay on the mediterranean island up to 3 June to gain further practical insight into the terrestrial and marine ecology of the Mediterranean.

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