06.03.2018 – ICBM
By: Dr. Sibet Riexinger

Reef Ecology Excursion

Sleeping White Tip Reef Shark and Nudibranch Sea Slug [Photographs by Franziska Curdt & Sophie Wertek]

Eleven students are exploring Indonesian coral reefs up to 9 March, shark encounter included.

Under scientific supervision of Prof. Peter Schupp, PhD student Mareen Möller (both ICBM) and Dr. Sebastian Ferse (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine research ZMT), the students are going to learn to sharpen their scientific focus on reef ecology during two weeks on Bunaken and Bangka island.

Bunaken, a very small island of about eight square kilometers, is situated about three kilometers off the mainland of North Sulawesi. It is part of the Bunaken National Marine Park, a marine reserve and one oft he world’s most outstanding resorts for snorkeling and diving. Underwater pleasure is spoilt, to a certain degree, by rather large amounts of waste, not only washed up on the shores. But even the marine litter is scientifically recorded.

And despite the rubbish: The coral reefs provide a spectacular display of shapes and colours, from corals to marine snails, fishes, turtles and even a juvenile white tip reef shark, ferretted out by student Franziska Curdt, while the animal was asleep.

Let yourself be carried away to the coral reefs of North Sulawesi by our recent Indonesia-Blog [German only].