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18.04.2018 – ICBM

New organism from Deepwater Horizon samples

Scientists from Oldenburg, Brunswick and Chapel Hill (USA) have isolated a new bacterium from oil-contaminated marine water of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.more

29.03.2018 – ICBM

6,600 Liters of Algae Soup: 6 Weeks of Experiment

In an interdisciplinary approach, researchers within the PhD training group EcoMol (The Ecology of Molecules) at the ICBM currently investigate the development of a so-called algal bloom under close-to-nature conditions in a laboratory.more

22.03.2018 – ICBM

Third Ph.D. Day at ICBM

The third ICBM Ph. D. day took place at the Wilhelmshaven site of the ICBM on 21 March. The doctoral candidates exchanged experiences and ideas and deepened contacts.more

06.03.2018 – ICBM

Reef Ecology Excursion

Eleven students are exploring Indonesian coral reefs up to 9 March, shark encounter included. Under scientific supervision of Prof. Peter Schupp, PhD student Mareen Möller (both ICBM) and Dr. Sebastian Ferse (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine research ZMT), the students are going to learn to sharpen their scientific focus on reef ecology during two weeks on Bunaken and Bangka island.more

01.03.2018 – ICBM

ICBM@Jacobs Career Fair 2018

ICBM Junior Scientists Coordinator Dr. Ferdinand Esser, talking to a student at the career fair.

Since 2015, the Jacobs Career Fair is being held every year at the international Jacobs University Bremen. And for the third time already ICBM Junior Scientists Coordinator Dr. Ferdinand Esser was present as well. In the Campus Center of Jacobs University, marine science institutions, such as ICBM, AWI, ZMT and MPI, presented themselves, along with established enterprises as well as startups.more

23.02.2018 – ICBM

Greenhouse Gas Carbon Dioxide Retained in Deep Southern Ocean During Last Ice Age

During the last glacial period, carbon dioxide has been "locked up" in the deep Southern Ocean. Current findings of scientists from Oldenburg and Bremerhaven, published in the recent issue of Science magazine, point at favourable conditions in the South Pacific. A team around geochemist Katharina Pahnke, who heads the Max Planck Research Group for Marine Isotope Geochemistry at the ICBM, presents evidence that during the last Ice Age the Southern Pacific must have been strongly stratified.more

14.02.2018 – ICBM

2017 best thesis award for ICBM student

Franziska Frank has recently been awarded for the best final assignment in 2017 at the graduation ceremony of the Oldenburg University, Faculty V. She did her correspondend research at the ICBM research group Planktology.more

30.01.2018 – ICBM

IYOR 2018 starts in Germany with participation of ICBM

The German branch of the 3rd International Year of the Reef (IYOR 2018) has been officially opened on 28 January in Dusseldorf, Germany during the trade fair „boot“. On this occasion, the ICBM was represented by Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp, head of the research group Environmental Biochemistry at the Institute. For several years, Schupp and his group have been investigating different aspects of reef-forming corals. more

20.12.2017 – ICBM

"A Fascinating Surface"

The recent issue of the Oldenburg University research magazine EINBLICKE informs on the research subject of ICBM scientist Oliver Wurlmore

08.12.2017 – ICBM

Simon named as new Vice President for Research and Transfer

The biologist and head of the ICBM research group Biology of Geological Processes Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon has recently been approved as Vice President for Research and Transfer at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.more

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