ICBM-Kolloquien / ICBM Colloquia

Starting SoSe 2018

LocationTopic, SpeakerInvited by
2018-04-25 17:00
  W15 1-146
Characteristic sizes of life in the ocean
Prof. Dr. Ken Andersen (Centre for Ocean Life, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Alexej Ryabov
2018-05-09 17:00
  W15 1-146
Connectivity of larval stages of sedentary marine communities between old offshore structures in the North Sea: keep or remove? , Texel, Netherlands)
Dr. Johan van der Molen (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)
Prof. Dr. Zielinski
2018-06-20 17:00
  W15 1-146
Chasing Water: Lagrangian tracking of plastic and plankton through the global ocean
Prof. Dr. Erik van Sebille (Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Prof. Dr. Wolff
2018-06-21 17:00
  W15 1-146
Biodiversity and lifestyles of free-living and particle-attached bacterioplankton in coastal ecosystems
Astrid Gärdes (Leibniz-Zentrum für Marine Tropenforschung, Bremen)
Prof. Dr. Dittmar
2018-07-04 17:00
  W15 1-146
Hydrothermal systems at shallow volcanic arcs and their role for the fluxes and the biogeochemistry of iron in the oceans
Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky-Fritsche (Jacobs Universität, Bremen)
Dr. Pahnke