Sea Surfaces

Bachelor/Master thesis or practical course (Kontaktpraktikum) at ICBM, Wilhelmshaven!


Starting from December 2016

Topic: High temporal biogeochemical monitoring of the Jade Bay

The ICBM working groups ‘Sea Surface’ and ‘Planktology’ offer the possibility to do your thesis/practical course in a joint multidisciplinary project. The sea-surface microlayer (SML) (typically <100 µm thickness), is the primary point for the air-sea exchange of gases. Phytoplankton activity influences the chemical composition of SML and therefore, it is important to determine their temporal variation. We propose to characterize the onset of phytoplankton spring bloom in the Jade Bay, the biogeochemical characteristic that trigger this onset and the effect on the SML. In order to do so, we will monitor the phytoplankton biomass and related biogeochemical parameters on a daily base. You will be able to sample in the field and design your own sampling strategy, to choose a set of parameters for analyses in the lab. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in the MILAN Project (Sea-surface microlayer functioning during the night) experiment that will take place March-April 2017 in Wilhelmshaven and will bring together 12 institutions from 6 different countries. We expect this work to be in paper-worth quality (especially for master thesis).

You should have:

·         Enthusiasm for field and lab work

·         Strong interest in multidisciplinary research

·         Good English language skills

We offer:

·         Experience in biogeochemical / biological methods (pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, surfactants, TEP, carbonic anhydrase, pCO2, phytoplankton biomass, diversity and stoichiometry, dissolved nutrients, zooplankton composition)

·         Nice working environment in an interdisciplinary and international team


Please send your application and questions to Mariana Ribas Ribas (mariana.ribas.ribas(at)